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Our Projects


Asphalt is an incomplete dominant gene part of the Yellowbelly & Gravel complex. We aspire to integrate asphalt into our Clowns and DG's.



Clown is a recessive gene. The clown gene alters the color and pattern. Clown ball pythons are a very popular morph. We are excited to get DG and Freeways into our clown project.



Mojave is an incomplete dominant gene. It alters the color and pattern. Mojave ball pythons are part of the BEL(Blue-Eyed Leucistic) complex. It is one of our favorite morphs and is what got us interested in ball pythons!


Desert Ghost

Desert Ghost is a recessive gene. It is a color and pattern mutation that gets better with age. We feel DG works well with everything and pairs great with pastel.



Rainbow is a recessive gene. It is a T-positive albino. There are a couple of lines of Rainbow, a US line and a UK line. We work with the UK line. In our opinion, the UK line looks significantly better.


More to come...

As new breeders, we are still growing. We have a lot of projects that we would love to be in. Be sure to follow us on Instagram & YouTube to see all the new projects that we get into!!

Thanks for checking us out.

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